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2007 Recipient

Shira Shane

Encino | 18

2007 Award Recipient

Shira, deeply troubled by the violence in Darfur, Sudan, was moved to promote awareness and help end the genocide. Shira worked to engage teens throughout the Los Angeles community in this effort, starting with an awareness campaign at her high school that grew into a middle school education program. Shira then created TAG (Teens Against Genocide), a 100% high school-run organization comprised of students from high schools all over Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. TAG's rally in front of the Wilshire Boulevard Federal Building raised thousands of dollars to build wells and a medical center for Sudanese refugees.

T.A.G: Teens Against Genocide

TAG brought students together to bring attention to the Genocide in Darfur, Sudan and to create avenues for teens and others to act to end the genocide.