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2021 Recipient

Sarah Shapiro

Northridge, CA | 17

2021 Award Recipient

As the daughter of an educator, Sarah grew up immersed in the educational sphere, and understood firsthand the impact education can make and, especially, how educational inequalities were exacerbated during the pandemic. Inspired to develop a community-oriented solution for struggling families, she co-founded The Covid NineTEEN Project, which provides free one-on-one tutoring and activities to over 3000 elementary school students in 14 different countries. Over 250 teen mentor volunteers host more than 50 activities a week, with programs offered in 33 different languages and covering academics as well as arts and athletics. The Covid NineTEEN Project has been recognized on national media for its impact on students worldwide. After the pandemic, the organization will organize a lecture series that trains others to create their own versions of the project on a smaller scale.

The Covid NineTEEN Project

An ambitious education advocate, Sarah recognized the need for accessible academic as well as extracurricular services during the pandemic. She co-founded The Covid NineTEEN Project, an international organization offering free one-on-one tutoring and activities ranging from the arts to academics to athletics, serving elementary students around the world.