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2021 Recipient

Sam Friedman

West Palm Beach, FL | 17

2021 Award Recipient

Sam’s passion for technology and his experience helping family members with their technical needs made him realize how many seniors are left behind by their technical illiteracy. He founded South Florida Tech for Seniors, a nonprofit that matches student volunteers with senior citizens to provide personalized, free, one-on-one technology support. The organization aims to teach seniors the skills they need to be self-sufficient when using technology. South Florida Tech for Seniors volunteers have had nearly 300 interactions with seniors and produced and distributed 13 technical videos with over 1200 views. Sam plans to expand his project’s reach to serve more seniors in South Florida and beyond.

South Florida Tech For Seniors

After recognizing how technical illiteracy can leave seniors behind, Sam founded South Florida Tech for Seniors, a nonprofit that provides free, one-on-one technology support for seniors in South Florida.