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2022 Recipient

Robbie Khazan

Arlington, MA | 17

2022 Award Recipient

Robbie started Kiddo Byte to share his love of engineering and computer science and ensure that kids of all ages could have access to coding courses no matter their background. Through Kiddo Byte, Robbie has created free, high-quality computer science classes for kids in six states and three countries, including Ukraine, Kenya, and the United States. As someone who has been recognized as a leader in both his Jewish community and in the tech field, Robbie formed strong partnerships with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Hack Club, as well as Diller Teen Fellows and Repair the World. Leveraging support from these organizations, Robbie and Kiddo Byte are fostering a love of coding and ensuring kids in a wide range of circumstances can learn to code.

Kiddo Byte

Seeing his younger sister’s joy after he taught her how to program a game, Robbie sought to share the excitement of coding with more kids, especially those who don’t have access to regular computer science education. Working with parents in his community, Robbie organized a 10-week online course in Scratch, a programming language used in animated games. After a successful test run, Robbie expanded his class to include kids in transitional housing and Kiddo Byte was born. To date, Kiddo Byte has recruited over 50 volunteers and 15 organizational partners, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Lincoln Lab, and has taught coding and development courses to more than 400 students worldwide.