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2020 Recipient

Peyton Barsel

Las Vegas, NV | 18

2020 Award Recipient

The CDC estimates 45% of children nationwide experience at least one Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE), which significantly increases their risk to develop physical, mental health, and/or social issues. However, only two states in the U.S. legally require teacher training to support students. When Peyton Barsel was nine years old, her father died suddenly. She was left to grieve and process the experience primarily on her own. Peyton realized most educators lack the knowledge on how to support youth affected by trauma. She wanted to change that, so she created Trauma-informed Training for Educators, which develops and distributes trauma-informed training programs for teachers. In 2019, she drafted a bill in Nevada requiring training for teachers to support students who have experienced trauma. Peyton hopes to continue legislative advocacy and facilitate training across the nation through her nonprofit, ACE Aware.

(photo by Etti Mishal)

Trauma-informed Training for Educators

Peyton started Trauma-informed Training for Educators to organize legislative action and provide teachers the training to support students who have experienced trauma.