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2014 Recipient

Paige Alenick

Woodcliff Lake, NJ | 18

2014 Award Recipient

One night while brushing her teeth, Paige Alenick thought about the toothbrush in her hand, and how fortunate she was to have this small necessity. The moment inspired Paige to reach out to World Dental Relief (WDR), a nonprofit that distributes dental supplies to healthcare missions around the world. Paige was stunned to learn that millions of people around the world suffer from health issues such as tooth decay, oral cancer, and even a decline in psychological well-being, all because they lack access to basic dental care. To address this issue, she created Donate A Toothbrush, an organization that collects toothbrushes for distribution in the U.S. and developing nations around the world. Today, the organization stands as the largest provider of toothbrushes for WDR, which has distributed the toothbrushes Paige has collected to more than 106,000 people in over 60 developing nations. Paige continues to expand her reach by building partnerships with producers of oral hygiene products to foster large-scale toothbrush donations.

Donate a Toothbrush

Donate A Toothbrush is an organization that collects toothbrushes for distribution worldwide to improve oral health in impoverished nations.

Paige Alenick