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2020 Recipient

Noah Rubin

Boca Raton, FL | 17

2020 Award Recipient

Computer programming is the key that can unlock the doors of opportunity for careers in technology. Noah Rubin began learning to code at a young age and soon discovered how expensive and inaccessible coding programs were for underserved children. He sought to bridge that divide by creating canCode, a nonprofit organization that hosts teen-led workshops in computer programming for children who have reduced access to high-quality extracurricular activities. canCode includes a peer mentorship component that offers teenagers valuable volunteer experience as coding teachers and mentors to elementary-aged children. Partnering with local community centers and after-school programs, canCode has now served over 300 students, enlisted and trained 17 volunteer teachers, and recently expanded to ten sites. Noah has successfully transitioned to teaching online workshops due to COVID-19, and has used this as an opportunity to expand his reach and impact to children through new partnerships.

(photo by John / Imagine Video)


Noah developed computer programming workshops and facilitated peer mentorship for children who lack access to or cannot afford extracurricular activities through canCODE.