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2011 Recipient

Naftali Moed

Pacifica, CA | 16

2011 Award Recipient

With the help of a local biologist-turned-mentor, Naftali began to get involved in community gardening initiatives and national parks organizations. His work with these groups led to an invitation to participate in the prestigious 2009 Rooted in Community Conference in Maine. Naftali returned home, inspired to share the message of food justice and sustainable agriculture. Naftali’s passion for gardening and preservation of green space led him to engage his school community in the creation of an urban garden. This initiative resulted in a community-supported urban garden that engages neighbors and classmates, has inspired an expanded curriculum, and has become a resource for educating about sustainable agriculture and food justice.

Oceana High School Community Garden

The Oceana High School Garden was built to promote organic farming and creation of green space, and engages neighbors and classmates around sustainable agriculture and food justice.

Naftali Moed