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2022 Recipient

Matthew Casertano

North Potomac, MD | 18

2022 Award Recipient

In the earliest days of the global pandemic, Matthew began delivering groceries to his grandparents to ensure that they wouldn’t be exposed to Covid-19 while shopping or running errands. When he discovered his friend Dhruv was doing the same thing for his grandparents, Matthew knew that other seniors in his community were also in need of the same help. In response, they started Teens Helping Seniors to provide contactless delivery of essential items to senior citizens and immunocompromised individuals, addressing the precarious situation in which many people found themselves forced to choose between getting essential items and their own safety. Since they started coordinating deliveries, Teens Helping Seniors has provided more than 3,500 deliveries of groceries and medication to high-risk groups and mobilized hundreds of young people to help citizens in their communities through a robust chapter system.

Teens Helping Seniors

When Matthew realized that he and a friend were both delivering groceries and medication to their respective grandparents to reduce their risk of exposure to Covid-19, he immediately knew that there must be others who didn’t have that kind of help. In 2020, Matthew and his friend Dhruv began Teens Helping Seniors to identify senior citizens, people with disabilities, and immunocompromised members in their community and connect them with teen volunteers to ensure they could get the essentials they needed as the pandemic worsened.