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2019 Recipient

Malcolm Asher

Portland, OR | 17

2019 Award Recipient

After learning that 5.4 million children die every year from preventable diseases, Malcolm Asher realized he could help through art. Around the world, many children hide their symptoms until they are critically ill and medical treatment is not as successful. For many, hospitals are deeply feared and stigmatized. This lead him to start ArtPass International, a non-profit working to increase the willingness to utilize the medical system and lift the spirits of children facing hospital stays through the power of interactive art. Malcolm and ArtPass International have created positive patient experiences for almost 20,000 children by creating and implementing a curriculum focused on art projects. ArtPass International doesn’t teach art. It teaches kids to do art and it is this participation that makes all the difference. With 400+ Global Ambassadors, Malcolm hopes to continue to spread his love of art and its power to heal to hospitals around the world.

ArtPass International

Malcolm improves patient experience, reduces fear and stigma, and brings the healing power of art to children in hospitals with ArtPass International.