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2021 Recipient

Lauren Tapper

Chicago, IL | 15

2021 Award Recipient

When schools closed due to the pandemic, Lauren felt isolated and demoralized, despite being surrounded by caring family. Recognizing the connection between emotional wellness and overall health, she co-founded Covid-TV, an online platform where teenagers from around the world could provide their peers with emotional and mental health support during the pandemic and form a community combating isolation and anxiety. Lauren then expanded Covid-TV to launch social justice projects addressing mask shortages, hunger, unemployment, and political advocacy. The organization now supports more than 60 global teen ambassadors leading community fundraising and action campaigns to address pandemic-related crises and other social justice issues. The online platform connects teens from ten countries and has reached over 15,000 global readers. Post-pandemic, Covid-TV will expand into Empowerteen, a platform for several social justice and mental health channels, and Entrepreneurship-TV, a mentorship program connecting under-resourced teens to experienced student entrepreneurs.


Inspired to create a platform for building community amid the isolation of the pandemic, Lauren co-founded Covid-TV, an online platform offering peer-to-peer emotional and mental health support and conducting social justice projects and activism on a global scale.