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2021 Recipient

Jordan Grabelle

Voorhees, NJ | 16

2021 Award Recipient

As a child and avid reader volunteering at literacy events in underserved communities, Jordan was shocked to see middle school students gravitate towards books for much younger readers. She combined her passions for reading and arts and crafts to create Love Letters for Literacy (LLL), which focuses on teaching the alphabet to preschoolers and ESL students with colorful play-based literacy packets created by LLL volunteers. Fifty percent of at-risk children begin first grade with early literacy skills up to two years behind their more advantaged peers; LLL seeks to equalize the educational playing field by helping close the achievement gap with fun, educational games families can play together. Since 2014, LLL has mobilized over 19,600 volunteers worldwide, developed relationships with over 60 nonprofits and Head Start programs, and helped over 43,000 underserved children learn to read in all 50 states and 30 other countries. Jordan will continue to lead the organization in college and aspires to expand to 50 countries by 2022.

Love Letters for Literacy

At the age of 10, inspired by her love of reading and early volunteering experience, Jordan founded Love Letters for Literacy, which recruits volunteers across the globe to create fun literacy packets for underserved communities.