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2019 Recipient

Jessica Goldberg

Farmington Hills, MI | 17

2019 Award Recipient

It was her own personal experience that led Jessica Goldberg to create Sib4Sib. As a sibling of someone dealing with mental health issues, she understood all too well what happens when those in supportive roles need support themselves. One failed internet search after another led Jessica to realize that peer-to-peer support groups and other resources don’t exist for the siblings of individuals with mental illness or disabilities. So she created one. Sib4Sib connects people ages 6-18 with the resources they need for their own mental health while actively helping a brother or sister deal with theirs. All support groups are facilitated by licensed mental health professionals and give families the information and support they need. Sib4Sib uses workshops, community events, ad-campaigns, and public presentations to raise mental health awareness and support for the supporters.


Jessica discovered a lack of resources available for siblings of individuals who encounter mental health challenges and established Sib4Sib.