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2021 Recipient

Jerry Orans

Mamaroneck, NY | 16

2021 Award Recipient

When Jerry learned about the PPE shortages in medical facilities at the start of the pandemic, he combined his interests in robotics and helping others to co-found Hack The Pandemic, a website that enabled people with home tools, such as 3D printers, to manufacture PPE for first responders, and matched these suppliers to hospitals in need. The organization soon evolved into a logistics and distribution platform, helping distribute products from small-batch manufacturers to medical facilities. Hack The Pandemic has mobilized over 300 volunteers to deliver more than 20,000 face shields, mask strain relievers, and intubation boxes. They are currently branching out into Research and Development with the osPAPR, an innovative open-source powered air respirator. After the pandemic, they plan to broaden their impact to become a disaster/crisis response group that can produce, test, and distribute products.

Hack The Pandemic

When medical facilities lacked PPE, Jerry realized that he could mobilize people with home tools to help; he co-founded Hack The Pandemic to crowdsource the manufacturing and distribution of PPE for first responders.