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2020 Recipient

Jacob Cramer

Pepper Pike, OH | 19

2020 Award Recipient

At the age of twelve, devastated by his grandfather’s death, Jacob Cramer began volunteering at a local assisted living facility as a way to memorialize and grieve him. During these visits, he learned about the loneliness that is prevalent in senior living facilities. This motivated him to found Love for the Elderly, which works to address issues of isolation in senior facilities through letter writing campaigns, gift boxes, and intergenerational relationship building. To date, Love for the Elderly has served over 20,000 seniors and engaged 65,000 volunteers across 64 countries. They have engaged dozens of companies such as Dell, Google, and Humana in letter writing campaigns, collecting over 95,000 letters to seniors. His work has received coverage in GLAMOUR, Parade Magazine, HuffPost, and USA Today. Jacob has a strong vision for the future of Love for the Elderly, which includes creating a kindness ambassador program, launching a new digital storytelling initiative, and publishing a children’s book.

(original photo by Anytime Pictures)

Love for the Elderly

Jacob was inspired by experience as an assisted living facility volunteer and started Love for the Elderly to address the isolation and loneliness prevalent in senior facilities.