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2021 Recipient

Hope Shinderman

Pacific Palisades, CA | 17

2021 Award Recipient

As a neurodivergent student, Hope knew that effective education, especially during the pandemic, often entails enrichment beyond the classroom. She founded Bored of Boredom to provide online academic and extracurricular support for students suffering learning losses during the pandemic. Many participants are neurodiverse, from under-resourced communities, or ESL students. Bored of Boredom has mobilized over 900 volunteers to serve 2,000 students in preschool through 12th grade around the world with virtual group classes on traditional and unique topics, an ESL program, social justice courses, and individual tutoring. They have community partnerships in the United States as well as in China and Central America, and have raised money to support increased technology access to help close the digital divide. The organization is training a new leadership team to ensure Bored of Boredom’s continued success.

Bored of Boredom

When the pandemic exacerbated education inequality, Hope founded Bored of Boredom, an organization that helps diverse students worldwide access free academic and extracurricular resources, mobilizes participants to fight for social justice, and works to close the digital divide.