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2022 Recipient

Evan Nied

Virginia Beach, VA | 18

2022 Award Recipient

Understanding the threat posed by climate change through his own experience during Hurricane Florence, Evan works to alleviate the impact of natural disasters by planting trees and educating communities. In 2018, he founded Planting Shade, a non-profit organization partnering with schools, parks, and property owners to plant trees and inform communities about what they can do to protect against climate change. Since its founding, Planting Shade has created ten chapters across the country, providing students with the resources to plant trees in their own communities. In total, 120 Planting Shade volunteers have planted nearly 12,000 trees in Israel, Costa Rica, and across the United States, and the organization’s educational events have reached 2,500 people. Through a combination of individual donations and corporate sponsorships, Planting Shade has provided young people with shovels, gloves, and other necessary resources to empower them to make a difference on their local climate.

Planting Shade

After experiencing the dangers of Hurricane Florence firsthand, Evan set out to make a difference by planting thousands of trees and working to mitigate the disastrous effects of climate change. In the three years since his organization Planting Shade was founded, they have planted nearly 12,000 trees across different states, countries, and continents while increasing awareness about the impact of climate change.