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2021 Recipient

Emanuelle Sippy

Lexington, KY | 17

2021 Award Recipient

As a co-leader of the Student Voice Team, a Kentucky education justice group, Emanuelle had experience as a community organizer. When the pandemic began, she organized the Coping with COVID-19 Student-to-Student Study (CWC) to help identify and ultimately address issues of education inequity. With nearly 10,000 survey responses from 119 of 120 Kentucky counties detailing students’ social-emotional health and home lives, Coping with COVID-19 also created a community of support, mobilized students to reach broad audiences, and generated policy recommendations. The Kentucky Student Voice Team has reached tens of thousands through op-eds, policy reports, school climate audits, roundtables, presentations, rallies, teach-ins, media appearances, conferences, a published book, and testimony before the state legislature.

Coping with COVID-19 Student-to-Student Study

As a youth activist, Emanuelle knew the value of collecting stories as well as statistics. She organized the Coping with COVID-19 Student-to-Student Study, a survey of nearly 10,000 Kentucky students, to identify and address issues of education inequity, create a community of support, and affect policy changes.