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2019 Recipient

Elyse Forman

Los Angeles, CA | 17

2019 Award Recipient

It only had to happen once for Elyse Forman to realize the truth. After being silenced in a high level math and science class, the discrimination facing women in science, technology, engineering, and math became all too clear. Armed with a burning desire to make a difference, Elyse began to do some research. She learned about the gender gap and the cultural factors that play into its existence. Starting Girls in STEM, a weekly after school program aimed at interesting low-income elementary school aged girls in science and technology, was Elyse’s way of making a difference. Using a curriculum she designed, built around hands-on experiments conducted as a group and follow-up experiments to do at home, Elyse matched her participants with student mentors from partnering high schools. Girls in STEM sparks a love of a science, breaks down barriers, and opens doors for young women.

Girls in STEM

Elyse began an after school program called Girls in STEM to help close the gender gap in science and engineering.