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2021 Recipient

Daniel Solomon

Miami, FL | 17

2021 Award Recipient

Legally blind since birth, Daniel found his passion in orchestral music. Faced with the underfunding of school music programs, he founded Pinecrest City Music Project, Inc. (PCMP), a community-wide symphony that fosters young musicians through a peer-to-peer educational platform in Miami public schools. PCMP tackles socioeconomic, disability, and gender inequities by offering full scholarships to all PCMP families, working with Miami public school ESE Departments to develop sensory-based arts exhibits, and establishing a female STEM-Music Coding Program in partnership with GeorgiaTech. The only youth-run vendor to the Miami-Dade School Board, PCMP is fully facilitated by high school arts students. Since its founding in 2018, the organization has grown to serve 502 students and offers eight weekly programs at six campuses. A strong mentorship system ensures that the program will continue to be successful as new high school facilitators take the reins.

Pinecrest City Music Project, Inc.

Legally blind since birth, Daniel combined his passions for orchestral music and equitable access to the arts to found Pinecrest City Music Project, Inc., a licensed charitable organization that operates, funds, and instructs musical arts programs in Miami public schools.