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2012 Recipient

Daniel Rosenthal

Santa Rosa, CA | 15

2012 Award Recipient

As an eight-year-old, Daniel Rosenthal began to perform magic shows for children and adults receiving medical care at local Bay Area hospitals. Encouraged by the joy he was able to share, Daniel started Magic Is Medicine, matching volunteer magicians with those needing an emotional lift. Inspired by the service of iconic magicians Harry Houdini and David Copperfield, Daniel has teamed up with magicians and leaders of the world’s foremost magic organizations to coordinate performances in hospitals, schools, and rehabilitation and assisted living centers across the country. To engage and inspire others, Daniel also created student clubs that teach youth simple therapeutic magic tricks. With volunteers all over the nation and a prestigious Board of Advisors, Daniel – who aspires to be a career as a physician – is strategically expanding Magic Is Medicine.

Magic is Medicine

Magic Is Medicine organizes magic shows to bring the joy of magic to those needing an emotional lift, including hospital patients and residents in rehabilitation and assisted living centers.

Daniel Rosenthal