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2021 Recipient

Daniel Goldberg

Santa Barbara, CA | 17

2021 Award Recipient

Inspired by his father, an emergency physician, Daniel wanted to find a way to make a meaningful impact during the pandemic. During the initial weeks of the shutdown, he was contacted by people who had run out of food but, due to their age or health, were unwilling to leave home to brave the grocery store. Daniel, as a healthy teen, felt that he and his peers were uniquely situated to provide help. Daniel started ZoomersToBoomers to provide safe, free grocery delivery to the elderly and immunocompromised. He soon realized that the same population would benefit from the social connection his volunteers could provide. ZoomersToBoomers grew from a city-wide support system to an international organization. With over 35 associated sites in the US and one overseas, the organization has made more than 5,000 grocery deliveries through a 1,000+ member volunteer force. After the pandemic, ZoomersToBoomers will leverage its network to provide technological and social support to seniors.

Zoomers To Boomers

Daniel leveraged his low risk for serious illness during the pandemic to provide free grocery delivery services and social support to the elderly and immunocompromised through ZoomersToBoomers.