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2011 Recipient

Casey Robbins

Carmichael, CA | 17

2011 Award Recipient

Casey was deeply moved by a radio story she heard about the devastation caused to Liberia’s civilian infrastructure by 14 years of civil war. Inspired to help, Casey reached out to the Liberian government representative interviewed for the radio show, and after speaking with him took up the challenge of collecting textbooks to send to the country. Thus, Textbooks for Liberia was born. Casey started by collecting books at her own school. To transport the textbooks overseas, Casey conquered multiple shipping obstacles, including distance, cost, logistics, and natural disasters. Over its first five years, Textbooks for Liberia grew to collect and deliver nearly 4,000 books each year to Liberia, helping to provide valuable educational resources for her peers there. To honor her work, the Liberian government named a school after her--the Casey Robbins International School.

Textbooks for Liberia

Textbooks for Liberia was created to provide English language textbooks to schools in Liberia following the end of the 14-year civil war.

Casey Robbins