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2019 Recipient

Britton Masback

Portland, OR | 17

2019 Award Recipient

Following a number of officer-involved shootings and the inappropriate use of force by police with young people, Britton founded Youth Educating Police (YEP), a non-profit that bridges the gap between teens and police. Britton and YEP created the PolicePeacePDX forum, which facilitates cooperation among police officers, teens, local activists and lawmakers to reduce tension and develop consensus around key policies. YEP has also created training modules for police officers to help deepen understanding and improve communication with younger members of society. YEP’s goal is to introduce aspects of its training module to all 1,000 Portland police officers by the end of this year. Britton is currently working on creating a digital version of the training modules to scale the program across the entire country. YEP’s forum is already available to students around the country.

Youth Educating Police

Britton founded Youth Educating Police to stem the widening gap between police and youth and to combat inequitable policing by facilitating dialogue and designing training modules.