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2022 Recipient

Ariel Beck

Bethesda, MD | 19

2022 Award Recipient

Recognizing the impact of her supportive Jewish community, Ariel is working to empower other women. Motivated to empower other girls and women, Ariel founded Girls Who Start, a non-profit organization inspiring young women in middle school, high school, and college to become entrepreneurs and leaders, reaching more than 2,500 girls and over 50 chapters across the country and internationally, including in China, India, and Switzerland. The organization holds events that showcase female entrepreneurs, gives girls tools to turn their ideas into reality, and connects future female entrepreneurs to mentors and role models. Girls Who Start hosts design challenges, hackathons, and workshops that teach girls how to foster their ideas, launch prototypes, develop business plans and pitches, and lead teams. Young women also practice entrepreneurship and leadership by creating and organizing their own chapter events and taking roles in the organization. Many members have started ventures as a result, proving the impact of investing in young women early. Girls Who Start also awards scholarship opportunities for underrepresented girls to attend social venture and college counseling courses, ensuring that the future of female entrepreneurship is more diverse.

Girls Who Start

Around the time she became a bat mitzvah, Ariel attended a conference of women entrepreneurs, where she was shocked to learn that only 2.3% of venture capital goes to start-ups led by women. Motivated to change this statistic, Ariel gathered a group of 10 friends to meet with a woman entrepreneur. That meeting eventually evolved into an international organization supporting more than 2,500 girls learning entrepreneurial skills.