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2022 Recipient

Anna Siegel

Yarmouth, ME | 16

2022 Award Recipient

Embracing a model of partnership with fellow climate organizations across generations and societal divides, Anna’s work ensures that the voice of youth climate activists is heard by local leaders. Maine Youth for Climate Justice Action is pursuing both short-term and long-term legislative goals that make a difference in the lives and futures of Mainers. Anna has recruited student volunteers and put in place leadership structures to make the organization impactful and efficient in pushing for legislation to confront climate change. Her work has raised awareness about the climate crisis among the Maine public and provided an opportunity for young people to engage in the legislative process and create change in their own communities. In addition to Maine Youth Action’s statewide success, the organization has partnered with seven cities and towns across Maine to declare a climate emergency. In the years ahead, Anna intends to grow the volunteer base, connect with more legislators, and continue amplifying the critical voice of young people in confronting the climate crisis.

Maine Youth for Climate Justice Action

Inspired to create a network of youth climate activists in her home state of Maine, Anna founded ME Strikes in 2019 to have a Maine presence in the global climate strikes that occurred in March and September 2019. At the same time, she was a founding member of the Maine Youth for Climate Justice coalition, helping to build that coalition and set visionary goals for municipal and state climate policy. ME Strikes, now Maine Youth Action, rallied support for legislation that would divest state funds from fossil fuels this past year. Anna’s movement contributed to the success of the first-in-the-nation legislation, a $1.3 billion divestment of fossil fuels which serves as a model for other states. Two years and dozens of volunteers later, Maine Youth Action is taking on new tangible, bold, and equitable policy efforts all centered around the goal of repairing the world.