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The Journey Through Autism


Ethan Hirschberg

Carlsbad, CA | 17


“With the lack of Autism awareness in our world today, I needed to make a change. Many people with Autism have a hard time communicating their thoughts and emotions. As someone on the spectrum that can do that, I felt obligated to do this as I hoped to be able to speak for others who cannot speak for themselves.”

As Ethan Hirschberg sat in class at his local synagogue, a light in his head flickered onto an idea. Listening to his teacher explain the “creator versus victim theory,” he knew what he had to do; he had to become a creator. Diagnosed with High Functioning Autism at the age of two, Ethan had, up until that point, felt like a victim of his circumstances. After some soul searching, he decided sharing his story and experiences with the world was what he wanted to do. The Journey Through Autism is full of inspiring content aimed at educating people all over the world about autism, eliminating stigmas, and inviting empathy between neurodiverse and neurotypical communities. Now reaching over 40,000 subscribers, Ethan is a sought out resource for educators, fellow students,and employers around the country, helping people better understand and more thoughtfully interact with people with autism.