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The Cramm


Olivia Seltzer

Santa Barabara, CA | 15


"Traditional media is primarily written by and geared toward an older demographic. The Cramm aims to give Gen Z the information we need to participate in the making of our future. After all, you can't change the world unless you know about it."

After the 2016 presidential election, Olivia Seltzer noticed many of her peers were deeply concerned about the future but didn’t have a reliable and relatable source of news to stay up to date on issues impacting their lives. To address this disconnect, Olivia launched the Cramm – a news outlet that is written by and for young people. The Cramm summarizes important stories and makes information accessible to teens through email, text, Instagram stories and videos, and podcasts. Through the Cramm, Olivia works with nearly 500 teen ambassadors around the world and publishes content in seven different languages. The Cramm reaches audiences in over 100 countries and has 2.5 million monthly newsletter subscribers and nearly 8,000 Instagram followers. Olivia has been featured in Teen Vogue, NPR, Forbes, and The Economist and on the TODAY show.

Photo by the Atlantic Council (top) and Nathan Congleton (bottom).