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Legislature In Action

Max Davis

Stoneham, MA | 14


All youth should have a safe place to be and lay their head at night without fear of being harmed or taken advantage of.

In 2013, Max began lobbying for UHY to have housing and services. Then in 2014, Max lobbied tirelessly at the statehouse with youth from his synagogue where he created Legislature in Action-Kids Helping Kids. The project’s goal was to pass the Massachusetts House bill 135 into law, in support of the 13,000 UHY in Massachusetts. The law would put a system in place to obtain data about UHY and provide them with housing and supportive services. Members of the Legislature in Action-Kids Helping Kids project began by drafting talking points in support of the legislation, attending meetings with policymakers, and testifying at public hearings about the bill. Following the establishment of the law, Max advocated for necessary funding and urged Representatives and Senators to create $2M in funding in support of services outlined in the legislation. To date, Legislature in Action-Kids Helping Kids has raised nearly $8,000 and garnered the support of local adult and youth community group leaders.