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Global Minds Initiative


Peyton Klein

Pittsburgh, PA | 16


“Every day, Global Minds fights stereotypes and discrimination through education. Children are the future of America and the world. If we reach students and promote cultural understanding at a young age, we will proactively provide a promising future.”

When Peyton Klein realized she had been in class with a student all year whose name she didn’t know, she was prompted to learn about her classmate Khwala’s experience as a refugee. Her interaction with Khwala and newfound knowledge of the challenges she faced led to the creation of the Global Minds Initiative (GMI). Through GMI, English Language Learners are paired with native English speakers to practice their conversational English skills, receive support navigating the school system, and participate in thought-provoking activities on pressing topics. Currently, GMI has 13 chapters and has engaged over 500 students from six states and two countries. GMI’s reporting indicates that in 2016-2017, 100% of participating English language learners demonstrated improvement both in integration among students and in their language skills. For her leadership, Peyton has been featured on the “Today Show,” as well as in Teen Vogue and The New York Times. She hosted the TED Talk “Come Sit with Me: An Inclusive Take on Global Education.”