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F.O.R.M. Consulting (Future Opportunities Reached by Mentorship)

Daniel Zahn

Allentown, PA | 19


“We have helped students identify scholarships that make college affordable, including some who have received over a quarter million dollars in aid from universities and third parties. We have also encouraged students to consider educational opportunity inequality and share their essays and scholarship knowledge with others.”

After going through the arduous process of applying to college, Daniel Zahn realized how much more difficult it must be for those without the privilege of informed guidance. To address this discrepancy, Daniel co-launched F.O.R.M Consulting, which recruits college student-mentors to conduct one-on-one sessions with prospective students from underserved communities. The program offers writing seminars to educate students on what admissions professionals look for in personal statements and help students identify their writing styles. Mentors then review mentees’ writing, offer feedback on college applications, and provide information on scholarship opportunities. To date, F.O.R.M Consulting has successfully impacted more than 100 students and partnered with six high schools. Mentees have been accepted to colleges and universities across the country, including many highly ranked institutions. Collectively, students have also received over a quarter of a million dollars in scholarship funds. Going forward, Daniel plans to expand to colleges and universities across the country.