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EMPOWERU Sexual Harassment and Assault Educational Program


Minnah Stein

Sarasota, FL | 17


“My goal is not only to raise awareness of sexual harassment and assault in K-12 schools, but also to give educators and students language and tools they can use to take action in their communities to make their schools safe places to learn for all students.”

In 2014, Minnah Stein heard in a segment on NPR that 1 in 5 girls will be sexually assaulted while in college, as will 1 in 16 boys, but that roughly 80 percent don’t report their assault. The problem, she realized, doesn’t begin in college, but early on in elementary and secondary schools. Minnah decided to organize what began as a pledge drive against sexual assault and turned into EMPOWERU, an initiative to educate students on consent, safety, and Title IX rights. Minnah staged a viewing of the documentary “It Happened Here” for high school students in her county, then conducted interviews and facilitated conversations with students and teachers about the facts of sexual assault and consent. EMPOWERU’s Title IX program is currently being implemented in K-12 schools county-wide, educating more than 40,000 students and educators. Minnah also partnered with the national non-profit Stop Sexual Assault in Schools and helped produce the documentary “Sexual Harassment: Not in Our School!”