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Day of Unity


Adam Hoffman

Houston, TX | 18


“I dream of a country where differences in politics are viewed as different paths towards a common goal that unites us all.”

Adam Hoffman was struck by a paradox. On one hand he witnessed the polarity politics, divisiveness, and othering of the 2016 presidential election. Then, six short months later, he saw the other hand. Inspired by the coming together of the different communities of his hometown in response to Hurricane Harvey, Adam had an idea. “What if the level of cooperation between different people during Harvey were possible in politics?” The next day he went to work making his vision a reality. Day of Unity puts people before politics. It facilitates leadership conventions and workshops bringing high school students together from both sides of the aisle. Adam and Day of Unity have developed a curriculum and are working with the Texas Board of Education. Adam expects the curriculum will be approved to bring Adam’s message and methods of unity to over 200,000 students by 2021.