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2023 APPLICATIONS are now open

Apply Now

Applicants can either self-apply directly using the information below or can be nominated to apply for the award. Regardless of the nomination status, applications go through the same review process.

You can draft and save long-form answers prior to submitting them online. You can draft your answers in this downloadable form. (hyperlink to PDF)

Step 1: Access the application
Create an account or log in to your application portal.

Step 2: Apply
Complete your application. The application contains these sections:
1. Personal Information
2. Project Information
3. Leadership and Tikkun Olam
4. Impact
5. Engagement of Others
6. Communications, Marketing, and Outreach
7. Sustainability
8. Supporting Attachments (optional)
9. Final Questions and Submit

The information you provide on the application form and uploaded documents will be saved automatically. You may return to the application form at any time by logging into your application portal.

Step 3: Review Process
Applicants receive an automatic confirmation message upon successful submission of an application form.

Applications are read and reviewed 6 times each in the initial round of review. Status updates will be sent as the selection process moves into the Semi-finalist round in March, followed by a due diligence review. Semi-finalists are asked to provide project updates and contact information for three references.

In May, status updates will be sent regarding the finalist round and references will be contacted. Awardees will be notified in late May.