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Thank you to those who nominated, recommended & applied for the 2014 Awards!

Nominations for the 2015 Awards will open by September 2014. To be notified when nomination or application forms are available, sign up here.

Learn about each step of the submission process for the 2015 awards: Check Eligibility, NominateApply, and Recommend.


Check Eligibility

Nominees must fulfill all of the following requirements. Teens must be:


  • Between ages 13-19 at nomination,
  • Working to repair the world in a leadership capacity,
  • Volunteering without any compensation,
  • Self-identified as Jewish.




  • Anyone is eligible to nominate a teen, except for a member of their family.
  • A teen is welcome to apply without a nomination. In this case no nomination form will be filled out, but an additional (third) recommendation is required.
  • Nominations may be submitted through an online form.




  •  Teens will complete an online application form, focused on their volunteer leadership efforts.
  • Applicants will be required to secure additional recommendations, as detailed below.
  • Applicants may submit supplementary material through the online form, and subsequent updates on their project if relevant.




  •  Each applicant must have two additional recommendations submitted on their behalf (three if applying without a nomination).
  • Applicants are responsible for approaching their own recommenders and directing them to the online form.
  • Anyone can serve as a reference for a teen, except for the applicant’s nominator or a member of the applicant’s family.
  • See FAQ for suggestions on who to ask to serve as a reference.


Frequently Asked Questions



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